Welcome home budding lightworkers 

 & adult children of alcoholics/dysfunction


Know your soul purpose in 1 session!

Are you ready to discover why you’re here at this time?

Budding lightworkers and Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunction, your soul purpose is cnnected to your core essence and your deepest passion. When you unveil all the false layers that mask your true self, know and accept yourself deeply and completely, you’ll connect with your authentic and irresistible gifts, offers and message so you can live your purpose.

You’re  a budding lightworker & adult child of dysfunction wanting to serve the world and not sure where to begin, or are an emerging lightworker trained in healing modalities, coaching, yoga, art or dance therapy, spiritual jewelry art, etc. but unable to reach more people with your message, you’ve come to the right place.

You want to share  your gifts and authentic self with the world and aren’t sure what your gifts are or you’re afraid you’re not good enough to do what your heart longs to do.

You know you’re ready to leave the career box behind completely and step into your spiritual power and be self-supporting.  You’re ready to stop hiding out in a job, stop playing small and
waiting, feeling discouraged and hiding your light in an ordinary life.

When you know you have powerful gifts to share and yet you hold back out of fear or self-doubt, you repress a creative, loving, powerful healing part of yourself. A part of yourself that when you share, will allow your unique magnificence to shine on the world and be a gift others are looking for. No matter how many people there are in the world there is only one you and no one will do it quite like you or put the spin on it you will. So allow yourself to be uniquely creative in all the world without care to what others will think about it. That is the freedom and bliss you experience when you unleash your spiritual power, fall wildly in love with yourself and live your soul purpose.

If this resonates with you and you’re ready for change, you’re not alone. You’re in the right place and I’m glad you’re here. Welcome home, budding lightworkers.

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges:

  • Are 40+ and suspect you have incredible gifts to share with the world, but find it challenging to step into your power?
  • Don’t trust that you can know yourself, be yourself and that others will pay you well for your deepest gifts and offerings?
  • Are tired of doing a job you dislike regardless of how much money you earn?
  • Have a healing or coaching practice and website, but are having challenges connecting with clients?
  • Experienced abuse, neglect, dysfunction, trauma, addiction as a child or adult or had parents who were perpetually disappointed in you?

I can help you!
Ecstatic Empowerment ™ system
 offers these solutions:

~TGIM Soul Purpose Session 
 Know your purpose & clarify your next level niche in 1 session
Understand why your biggest wounds are your greatest gifts to the world 

 ~Soul Inspired Web Copy & Website Makeovers, site reorganization

Receive clarity on soul purpose, the 3 critical inner/business foundational elements & web copy 

 ~Ecstatic Self-Love -Fall wildly in love with you & have the courage to live your purpose.

~Address chronic unresolved feelings of unworthiness and unforgiveness 
~Move past self-sabotage, resistance and procrastination
~Learn to reclaim your power and live from the heart rather than the head 
(especially great to resolve childhood abuse or dysfunction issues)

 I’m Suchi Kumar, a Soul on Fire. I’m here to Light your Soul on Fire, ignite your passion, so you know what makes you come alive. To guide you to love and accept yourself so deeply that you go out and light up other people with your purpose. Together, we’ll be a powerful force and make the world a brighter place.

 If you long to connect more deeply with your abundance doing what you love and loving who you are, and Monday’s not your favorite day of the week yet, now is the time to experience the Ecstatic Empowerment of living your purpose authentically while being fully supported by the universe.

There’s a shift happening and we can all feel it. I invite you to honor and release the past, embrace the present and step into your powerful future to be the star you already are! 

When you align with your soul purpose and discover the magic of tapping into your spiritual power, you will become irresistible and fearlessly confident. Spiritual power is an inner power connected to the source of all things. When you see this kind of power shining through someone it’s irresistible, inspiring and elevating. Knowing the truth of who you are, clearing up energy blockages, releasing core negative beliefs, and fulfilling your purpose is what gives you that incredible inner energy that makes people wonder how you do it. 

Join my THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY tribe of 
spiritual warriors who are expressing their unique magnificence and embracing their authentic path of service to the world

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